Accelerate the progress of children with special needs

Enable parents to become the best allies of their children's progress

Enable parents to become the best allies for their children's progress

# 1 Through the sharing of families' experiences


# 2 Thanks to a multidisciplinary network of specialists


# 3 Through training, conferences

to better understand the specific needs of their children


# 4 Thanks to an international watch of therapeutic approaches

and scientific publications


# 5 Thanks to multidisciplinary and intensive internships during school holidays



More than 1 child out of 10
is neuro-atypical

It means that his brain works differently.

Dyslexic, hyperactive, autistic, hemiplegic ...

More than 1 in 10 children are diagnosed.


Difficult, withdrawn, slow, distracted ...

Each one is also imposed a label.


We refuse to have these children put in boxes. We want to help them to flourish, to live with their difference, because we all have our differences.


What these children also have in common is a brain that has extraordinary plasticity and is particularly sensitive to positive stimulation.


An adapted support is likely to radically change their trajectory.


A single go-to for all children with special needs, to get information and multidisciplinary therapy

Our approach is to remove the silos
We must gather


# 1 Because these children most often present a set of difficulties, some major other secondary but nevertheless important and often poorly accompanied.


# 2 Because a lot of difficulties are common to different diagnoses, so there is a gain in efficiency.


# 3 Because rare diseases or undiagnosed children do not find answers in a split-diagnosis approach


# 4 And above all, because the professionals must come out of their silos, their specialties, get to know each other better and collaborate to cover, as a team, the global need of the child

A unique place for atypical children,

to inform and support

Our approach is to bring together, we must remove the silos

A multidisciplinary panorama
therapeutic methods

All parents describe the same obstacle course in search of relevant information allowing them to best support their atypical children.


To save time, we have pooled all these research information, through a global panorama of therapeutic practices allowing progress on sensory, motor, behavioral and cognitive.


It is not a question of promoting all these approaches, but of providing factual information and simplifying the search for information for parents.

A multidisciplinary center in Clichy

To inform families and help them become the best allies for their children's progress


To gather for the first time in one place sensory, bodily, technological, biomedical approaches ... that cover all the needs of the child


To offer multidisciplinary courses to children during school holidays


More than 1 million children involved


All neuro-atypical children: autistic spectrum, brain lesions, motor disorders, language disorders, learning disabilities, hyperactivity ...


It is estimated today that one in ten children, or one in five children, would be affected.

Learning disabilities would affect 10 to 20% of children

(6-8% have dys disorders, 5 to 15% attention disorders or hyperactivity)

More severe disorders, such as motor disabilities, autism spectrum disorders or cognitive impairments, affect 2% of children.


These children all have specific needs to blossom in their learning.


Adequate support is likely to radically change their future trajectory.

Over 1 million children affected 


Our intensive weeks and team of specialists

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