A specialized school to support

atypical children

The Neuro Groupe and the Collège de Paris have combined their strengths and expertise to open a specialized school for neuro-atypical children.

This school brings together therapists and educators working closely together to accelerate children's progress.


As a reference to Walt Disney, atypical himself, and as an acronym of We All Learn & Think


Our school is called the WALT school, in implicit reference to the world of Walt Disney, to evoke all the richness of childhood, imagination, creativity ...

And because Walt Disney himself was neuro-atypical, he had a hard-time at school because of his learning differences, but he also had strenghts which allowed him to become such a creative genius. Atypical children certainly have difficulties but also special capacities and talents that should be highlighted and strengthened.

WALT, acronym of We All Learn and Think, for a school that adapts to the specific learning characteristics of each individual.


A school to blossom each person's uniqueness


We do not seek to make children more “normal” nor to preserve their current functioning, but to help them develop their uniqueness and express themselves fully, also by being more in touch with others.  


Not by trying to impose our models and our norms, but by understanding theirs, we start from where they are, leverage their interest and their special capacities to expand from there and free them from their obstacles.


Positive and ambitious

We strongly believe in the potentials of every child.

It is the school's responsibility to identify the right tools, the right pace and the right mediation that will benefit the child: to create meaning and joy in learning.

In a caring environment, because the child can only develop their full potential if they feel safe, supported and loved, for who they are.


Adapt to every child

Leverage proven methods

It is not for the child to fit into the system, but for adults to adapt to him.

Our team always starts from what the child already knows and what interests him, to build in small increments of difficulty, and in a logic of success, their progress.

Our methods are based on tools that have proven their worth with thousands of students abroad and on collaborations with leading specialized schools.



Atypical children from 6 to 16 years old


With mild to severe learning difficulties (dyslexia, attention disorders, autistic disorders, developmental delays, cognitive disorders ...).

Classes welcome students of different ages and different levels, in small groups (maximum 12 students per class). Each student follows an individualized program in the classroom and alternates group, sub-group and independent work.

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Integrated academic and therapeutic support

Therapists and teachers work hand in hand to have a global vision of the child's needs.

With a therapeutic team present at the school, the care that takes place on site, during the school day or at the end of the day and a complete link ensured with the external care if necessary (recommendation of professionals for a follow-up outside the school, and link between the school team and those chosen by the parents outside, in order to ensure consistency).

Evaluate and monitor  children's progress

Based on the assessments (neuro-psychological, sensory-motor), an individualized program for each child is designed, with adapted objectives, methods and rhythms.

Therapists, teachers and assistants monitor the child's progress throughout the year, measure the children's progress, and tailor the program.  


Communication with parents is therefore also a key dimension of our educational project.



Motor and Sensory

Literacy and numeracy

General culture

We are convinced that sensorimotor foundations are the foundation of learning. Understanding the sensory and bodily needs of the child, integrating them into the school day and respecting the child's learning rhythm make it possible to accelerate the capacities of concentration, comprehension and memorization, as well as to progress in the graphics, reading, communication, reasoning skills, emotional regulation….

The class begins with a time for motor skills, a sensorimotor room available to children according to their needs during the morning, another time for motor skills at lunchtime and activities such as art therapy allowing the both fine motor skills and expression.

Reading, writing and counting are the basis of all learning skills and key to future independence and broad knowledge.


A rich toolbox of multi-sensory methods will allow teachers to offer maximum resources to support children according to  their specificities.


Cognitive mediation also allows children to learn to learn and will be used by the entire teaching team.

News, science, history, philosophy… also concern and interest atypical children.


These are all themes to stimulate the development of their cognitive functions, to create discussion groups to express their ideas, to make them more autonomous but also more socially connected ...



A team of professionals to support children in all their needs

Our teachers are specialized in supporting children with specific support needs and have attended numerous training courses. Each teacher is supported in his class by an educator who assists him.  Our therapists have their practice inside the school.




Arthur Messi is a teacher specializing in learning disorders, in particular DYS (dyslexia, dysphasia, dyspraxia, dysorthography etc ...). Before joining the Walt School, he notably taught at CERENE courses. He is also a trainer at the FEED (Federation of Establishments welcoming DYS Children)




Rana Ferchichi assists Arthur Messi and Anaïs Billat on a daily basis in classes, both in the implementation of individualized programs for students and in supporting them in their development towards greater autonomy (help with meals, travel, etc. ..)​




Psychologist Neuropsychologist with children with neuro-developmental disorders, learning disabilities and with children with potential, Zakia Ikhlef has set up her practice at the Walt School where she performs various assessments (WPPSI, WISC, K-ABC, WAIS ...) and offers therapeutic care. Zakia Ikhlef also teaches at the university (Paris 8)  and is attached to a research laboratory in Cognitive Sciences.




Chahinaze Najib is an occupational therapist specializing in children and young adults with motor and / or cognitive and / or sensory impairments. It offers group or individual interventions, to work on the development of fine motor skills, graphomotricity or the acquisition of technical aids and compensation tools.




Dorothée has been an art therapist with neuro-atypical children for many years (ULIS, MAS and hospital classes). For the Walt School and in partnership with the Victor Gelez animation center, it takes care of children every Thursday in small groups. She also receives all the children in her office installed at the school.




Singing teacher, guitar teacher and music therapist trained in the Dolce Method and graduated from CRR Paris, Lise Meyer has set up her practice at the Walt School where she supports children and young adults with mental or developmental disabilities. She also works in the sun class and in IME for children and young adults with ASD. It is also the handicap reference of the Municipal Conservatory of the 16th arrondissement.




Trained in particular in Inclusive School Practices (CAPPEI Training) in the Montessori method and in Non-Violent Communication, Anais Billat taught in ITEP (Educational and Pedagogical Therapeutic Institute) and in ULIS class before joining the Walt School.




Like Rana Ferchichi, Yahaha Tassimila assists Arthur Messi and Anaïs Billat on a daily basis in the classes, both in the implementation of individualized programs for students and in supporting them in their development towards greater autonomy (help with meals , trips etc ...)




A psychomotor therapist specializing in sensory disorders and gross motor development, Estelle Jakubowski has worked in a multidisciplinary practice and in a medico-pyschological center. She performs psychomotor assessments and offers therapeutic support in connection with pathologies such as: ADD / HD, ASD, developmental delay, dyspraxia, intellectual disability, etc.




American living in Paris since 1997, April Baldwin is trained in various somatic education practices including the Feldenkrais method, the Jeremy Krauss approach, Primordial motor integration, and the Brain Gym method. neuro-developmental disorders to help them harmonize their overall or specific tone, concentration, motivation, gross motor skills, memory etc ...




Aurore Leclerc has been a professor of Physical Education and Sports with children with different disorders (AD / HD, ASD, developmental delay, intellectual disability etc ...) for many years. She works at the Walt School, but also in ULIS classes in Paris as well as at the Trousseau hospital.



2 rue Dranem (access via 15bis avenue Jean Aicard), 75011 Paris

Metro Saint-Maur (Line 3), Parmentier (line 3) or Ménilmontant (line 2)

Tuition fees

You can pre-register your child for the year 2022/2023 by completing the pre-registration form or write to us at contact@leneurogroupe.org. We then get back to the families.

Our school is a non-profit association of general interest and a secular private school outside the contract.

The cost of schooling is 800 € per month (over 12 months). The registration fee is 450 €.

These tuition fees, supplemented by donations from our partners, cover the operating costs of the school: salaries of teachers and educators, rent, equipment, weekly theater, art therapy and sports sessions.

Three people also work voluntarily at school, with children or to help with the more general functioning of the school.  

The association and the school do not benefit at this stage from state subsidies. Tuition fees cannot therefore be reduced for the time being, in particular due to the small size of each class (max. 12 pupils). Depending on the child's file, allowances can also be requested from the MDPH (AEEH of up to € 1,200 per month). W e also committed to finding solutions to accommodate all families, regardless of their financial resources.  Everything is being done to award scholarships to families who need them.


Our school, like other alternative schools, is mainly based on our motivation to offer a different, engaged and child-friendly education. We are constantly looking for patrons, private donations, corporate donations, to help us in this mission.


Part-time and inclusion

We believe that parents should not have to choose between inclusive education and education adapted to the needs of their children. Ideally, we would have liked to open a school for everyone, which would have benefited both typical and atypical children.


But our premises only allow at this stage to accommodate a small number of children, we have chosen a school that caters to atypical children, those having the most difficulty in finding a solution adapted to their needs. needs.

For children who are now enrolled in inclusion, we suggest that you study with you part-time solutions in our school, which could allow your children to continue their career in their current school.


Meals are made exclusively in a "lunch-box". Children bring their lunch to school and meals are taken in class. 


We need your support

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Thanks to donations, we can finance scholarships for the less privileged families,  therapeutic sessions, weekly art therapy or motor skills workshops adapted for all students, auxiliaries to support the students on a daily basis or even equipment for the opening of a new Walt school.



We are eligible for the apprenticeship tax ,

which allows companies to support us even more easily and to promote this partnership externally (social networks, CSR report, etc.) and with their employees (very sensitive to participating in meaningful actions).  For the apprenticeship tax, write to us at contact@leneurogroupe.org

Nothing would be possible without our partners.

Thank you to our early support.

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